Useful Reports at a 'Click'

Get deep insights about your business with a single click.

Project Activity Reports

Perhaps the most powerful feature of Hot Project and the 'All-In-One' concept is the ability to create instant reports for your business.

To explain, everything you do in the system is tracked, timed & counted. With the addition of Timesheets and Financial Data - this gives you a very rich pool of business information, which we provide back to you in a range of management reports.

Key Activity Reports include:
- Project WIP Report
- User Activity Summary Report
- Task Type Analysis (by Time, Count, Effort & Income)

Timesheet & Finance Reports

Pulse gives you detailed Timesheet and Billing information with a single click.

Both Timesheet and Financial billing information is shown on a single chart, so you can easily track effort versus profit!

Timesheet reports can be split by:
- User
- Activity
- Project
- Client

Project Pipeline Report

The Pulse Project Pipeline Report is one of our most popular reports.

This report allows you to export and visualise your pipeline of project activity over any date range.

So, you can look backwards in time if you need to review process and profit. Or; look forward in time to see and manage projects which are coming up.