Powerful Digital Asset Management

When you use Pulse to manage projects, you get a Digital Asset Management System free!

Many Powerful DAM Features

The Pulse Digital Asset Management tool (DAM) is not a 'Bolt On' to a Project Management system - it is a fully featured DAM system in it's own right. Read below for more details on features. Note, Asterix (*) indicates features available on our Enterprise system only.

Enterprise Document Management Features:

- Automatic Version Control
- Document Workflows*
- Sticky Notes
- Automatic Preview Thumbnail Generation
- Video Storyboard creation*
- Public Link feature to send file links to external users
- ZIP Archive Download
- Create Collections, Lightboxes, Catalogues
- Meta Data and Tagging capability
- FTP Bulk file import*

Advanced Document Search

The Pulse Asset Library gives you many different search options.

DAM Search Options:
- Search by file name
- Search by Creation Date
- Search by Project Type (Web, TV, Print, Construction etc.)
- Search by Client
- Search by Project
- Search by License*
- Search by Meta Data (Category, Tag, Collection)
- Search by Country, Region, Office*
- Search by Author

Sticky Notes

Our 'Sticky Notes' tool allows you to make comments directly into a document preview. This feature works a bit like 'Acrobat Notes' - however the feature works directly in your browser and requires no software to be installed!

The Sticky Notes can be added to PDF, PSD, JPG, PNG and EPS file types. Perfect for creative review and annotation.

Once notes are added, they can be sent as notifications to project users, or converted to tasks for followup actions.

Drop Box & Google Docs Support

Pulse works closely with Drop Box and Google Docs to allow file saving and loading.

With Drop Box, you have access in Pulse to all your Drop Box files.

With Google Docs, you can access files - and Edit/Save/Share from within Pulse.

Integrated Document Management Approach

The Power of the Hot Project "Pulse" Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is that it is part of your daily workflow.

With a traditional DAM system, users have to remember to upload files to the DAM once they are approved for archiving.

However, with Pulse, because you are using the system for your day-to-day collaboration and project delivery tasks - you are loading the important documents for your business 'as you go'.

iPad and iPhone Versions

Pulse Document Management System is also available in the Apple Appstore for iPhone and iPad.

The iOS Pulse version gives you:
- Browse Projects & Files
- Search Files
- Document Preview
- Review and Approve
- Save Notes.

You can download the Pulse Document Manager app free at Apple now.

Drag & Drop Upload

Our Drag & Drop upload tool lets you quickly upload one or more files easily.

The tool will easily let you upload large files (4GB) and gives you a progress bar as you go.

Version Control

Pulse automatically tracks document versions for you - including notes, status and approvals.

Automated Notifications

Changes and updates to projects are automatically notified to the project team. You can spend less time managing emails - and more time managing projects.

About DAM

A Digital Asset Management System (Or DAM for short) is a centralised Document Management System - with a number of tools to make it easy for you to save files, find files and share files.

Some people call this 'Digital Asset Management'. Some people call this 'Document Management'.