Video Training

Seeing is believing. Checkout these Video Demos to see Pulse in action.

Introducing Pulse

Hot Project Pulse is a great way to manage your business with automated Task Management, Process Management & Document Management Tools. (1min 38s)

Overview of Tools

This is a detailed training video (7mins) giving an overview of the main tools in "Pulse".

In this video, you will be shown:
- Job List
- Job Summary
- File List
- Task List
- Gantt Chart

Upload a file in Pulse

This video shows how to upload a file into a project in Pulse. (3mins)

Managing Tasks & Gantt Chart

This video shows you some quick and easy short cuts for managing project tasks with Bulk Tasks and the Gantt Chart. (4mins)

This video introduces:
- Task List
- Bulk Task Create tool
- Gantt Chart